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Apprenticeships for Employers

Aylesbury College provides recognised qualifications and flexible skills-development programmes which will enable employees to work more efficiently and realise career development opportunities. The benefits for business include a more effective workforce, motivated and fulfilled staff, and a more responsive and profitable enterprise.

There is no doubt that times are tough for businesses seeking to develop and grow and for young people seeking the best possible start to their career. The College’s aim is to create the best environment for businesses to develop and train their workforce and to strive for success.

Government investment in workforce skills has most impact when employers have true ownership. That means employers being empowered, and supported, to develop their staff in the way that most closely responds to business needs.

There a variety of grants available to employers, details can be seen via the links to the left.

Aylesbury College is the contracting agent for Aylesbury Enterprise.

If you would like to find out more about any of these initiatives, please do not hesitate to call 01296 588588 or email