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This week is Progress Week at Aylesbury College, which means students are encouraged to visit all elements of their study programme, including their main vocational studies, English and Maths lessons, Tutorials, work experience preperation and assessment tests to ensure that they are up to date with all of their work before the half term.

Progress Week is a fantastic opportunity for students to make sure they are meeting all of the requirements of their course, and address any issues which could start to hold them back later on in the year.  It also means that all students can fully enjoy their half term without worries of overdue work, knowing that everyone will have a fresh start in the new half term!

Students who are completely up to date with their work are rewarded by attending enrichment sessions, which are taking place throughout the week.   Sessions include speakers from companies such as RAW and Intel attending to give talks on inspirational topics including ‘what gets you hired’, ‘starting up your own business’, ‘progression routes’ and ‘time management skills’.  As well as the talks, there are lots of sporting related activities going on, including Les Mills and Wild Training sessions!

Take a look at what the students have been getting up to below.