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Work Experience Students

We are looking for forward-thinking local employers who would be willing to provide work experience for Aylesbury College students. Work experience opportunities are vital for students to gain an understanding of the world of work. By hosting one or more of our students you would be giving young people a great opportunity and bringing benefits to your own business as well.

The Benefits of Providing Work Experience Opportunities

In addition to making a real difference to someone’s working life, work experience can benefit an organisation in a number of ways:

•   Recruitment   opportunities: providing work experience placements can be a way to access the local labour market and explore a pool of talent that you may otherwise not have considered.

•   Staff  development:   supervising   and  coaching young people on work experience can develop the  capabilities of staff, especially those who do not normally have any line management responsibilities.

•   Engagement in the local community: investors, the media and consumers tend to favour ethical employers who have a positive public image. Work experience placements can enhance your image in the community, by addressing some of the social issues related to youth unemployment.

How Else Can You Help?

We are also seeking employers who would be willing to engage with College students in a range of ways to improve employability skills.

For example:

  • Guest speaker sessions for employability and/or enterprise
  • Mentoring of students
  • Visits to your organisation
  • Live assignment briefs for the students to work on
  • Enterprise workshops
  • Contributing to employer forums regarding curriculum design
  • Contributing to careers events at college
  • Sponsoring student employability awards
  • Anything else you feel would benefit our students in terms of preparing them for the world of work

What Next?

We would like to take this opportunity to ask your organisation to support our students by supporting our work experience scheme.

To download our Work Experience: For Employers guide click here.

If you would like to be involved, please contact us